Kathyoli Primary School (2013-2014)

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About Kathyoli Primary School in Mwala, Kenya

DonateNowKahyoli Primary school opened in 1957 as a nursery school and was registered a school by the Ministry of Education in 1998. Kathyoli was identified for support in 2010 and have since began working with Build Africa on initial steps to improve the infrastructure and quality of learning at the school in 2011.

Most of the families in the area practice subsistence farming; there is a very high level of illiteracy and few parents have had any education themselves which caused a lack of support for their children’s education. Thanks to sessions within the community on raising awareness about the importance of education, we now have the full support of the Kathyoli community. They are dedicated to the school’s development and have started to become more active and involved in the school.

Over the past 50 years, the school buildings crumbled to the ground, giving inadequate learning facilities for the community to upkeep. The government has not been able to provide enough funds to reconstruct the classrooms where they were, so the community leadership began to deconstruct the classrooms, block by block, and sell the bricks to fund the building of new classrooms about 500 yards in a new, safer location.

The local Community Development Fund built one new classroom for the school at the new location in 2009 as well as provided the parents with funds to build a 4-door latrine block for the students. In 2011, Build Africa funded a second classroom as well as a second block of latrines so the boys and girls no longer have to share. In addition to the new construction, the students have received new textbooks and science and sports kits. The teachers have been provided new learning resources and teacher training.

After just one year of working with Build Africa, many of the children were performing well in their exams and progressing to secondary school.

“This is great news and great inspiration for students like me who are in the year below us.”
Musyoki Kioo, one of many exemplary student with great potential

With no additional funding coming in, the school is at a stand still with two classrooms for eight grades. The parents have been working feverishly with very little money to construct temporary structures (seen in the video) made of tree trunks and metal sheets. The two permanent classrooms are currently partitioned with metal sheets down the center to make each one into two classrooms. During our visit, we realized you can hardly hear the teacher in your classroom because of the sounds echoing over the metal wall from the other side.

“The children are fearful that when the wind comes, the metal sheets will fall down.”
Mariette Muema, a member of the School Management Committee

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