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Carson Glore Foundation is a Minneapolis, Minnesota 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improve the quality of life through education. In 2011, we kicked off our efforts to build our first classrooms in Kenya, Africa. The Carson Glore Classrooms at Kamuya School in Kenya opened on Dec 7, 2011, giving new classrooms and supplies – in addition to improved training for teachers and student programs. We have since continued our fundraising efforts and have raised over $250,000 since January 2012, opened 2 complete schools for over 800 students and have armed them with new desks, water tanks, latrines, school supplies, teacher training and more. We are privately underwritten by Nerland Co. so that every dollar donated goes directly to funding our projects.


Surly Fall Event

Don’t miss our 5th Annual Classroom of Dreams event! After 2 successful years at Salut, followed by 2 years at Land Rover Jaguar, we’re taking our show on the road and inviting you all to join us at our new location!

Thursday, Oct.15th
SURLY   Brewing   Co.
520 Malcolm Ave SE, Mpls

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Kisyani School
Opening 2015/16

After much consideration, the Carson Glore Foundation’s board has elected to start building our biggest undertaking yet for the Kisyani community in Kenya, Africa. During our recent visit, we met with school officials, teachers, parents and students in different communities that all needed a great deal of support. Our board selected this community because of it’s deep poverty level, student energy, parent participation, and great potential.

Our goal over the next 12 months is to talk with our current supporters, host events and gain support so that we can help rebuild this community by providing them with:

Kathyoli School
Opened Oct 24, 2014

Our hearts stopped when we arrived at Kathyoli in January 2013 to find that the old classrooms had literally crumbled.  The parents were building wood and metal structures to act as temporary classrooms, yet it was obvious that they lacked many essential resources.  The school was educating 132 students, but the Headmistress believed they have the potential to educate 400 students in the community, if only the school could accommodate them.

Thank you to 250 donors, we raised the entire amount in less than 18 months and just opened the new school! We were able to provide:




Kamuya School
Opened Jan 25, 2013

Because of your generosity, we were able to open our first Carson Glore Foundation school for 384 students in Kenya with:

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