Nathan Nerland


I'm committed because we have the opportunity to help educate an entire generation of future leaders. And we've seen that it can start with your help.


Lloyd Clausen

Founding Board Member

I’m committed because I want so much for these kids. I want them to grow up and be what they want to be: doctors, pilots, teachers and lawyers. They may not have that opportunity if we don’t help them.


Nancy Nerland 

Founding Board Member

I'm committed because I have been there and seen the need and want these kids to have the best chance possible to make a difference in their lives.


Leslee Allen 

Founding Board Member

I’m committed because if we don’t educate this generation, they won’t know what’s outside the boundaries of their own community.


Sarah Fish 

Founding Board Member

I’m committed because Africa is in my heart, and the future of these kids is in my heart. I'm a teacher so I know the importance of education and can't wait to see what the students become.