Carson Glore Foundation

3 Schools,
21 Classrooms,
1200 Students


Our Schools

Kamuya School - Est. 2011


7 classrooms, 8 latrines, 3 water tanks, new desks & school supplies

Our first Carson Glore School in Kamuya Community of Kenya was built in two phases. Phase one began with two classrooms sponsored by Nathan Nerland, desks, latrines, water tanks, new desks and school supplies funded by friends and family. After the opening of the two new classrooms, friends and family felt the passion to do more. Within the next ten months, funds for the final five classrooms, more desks, latrines and school supplies were raised for a total of $109,450 and the school was completed and opened November of 2012 to 400 students. 

  • Classroom Sponsors
    • Nathan Nerland
    • Brent & Nancy Nerland
    • Siena & Griffin Prevost
  • Latrine Sponsors
    • Nathan Nerland Friends & Family
  • Classrooms of Desks Sponsors
    • Nick & Tamra Nerland
  • Three Water Tanks Sponsored by
    • Upper Room Kids
  • 400 Backpacks funded by event donors

Kathyoli School - Est. 2014


7 classrooms, 8 latrines, 3 water tanks, new desks & school supplies

At the final opening of our first school, the board traveled to local communities to learn about their needs. Through the three community tour, the board saw the dedication from family and faculty in the Kathyoli community. Upon our return to the US, we held 7 events in 12 months and through an incredible amount of sponsors and their generosity, we were able to raise $144,902 in under a year.

  • Classroom Sponsors:
    • Curt & Connie Bergan
    • Longfellow Elementary School
    • Barb & Jim Glore and Brian & Courtney Grimmins
    • Peter & Colette Johnson Foundation
    • Brent & Nancy Nerland
    • Leslee Allen, Lloyd Clausen, Brian Dernbach, Sarah Fish,  Nancy Nerland & Jordan Obinger
  • Latrine Sponsors
    • Cliff & Cindy Martin

    • Cyn-Dee Sweester Family

    • Paul Jarvis & Bell State Bank

    • Geri Mittleider & Moira Lennox

    • Jeff & Kathy Jones

    • Michael & Lindsay Herbert

    • Kristin Hollander

    • Saloon

  • Water Tank Sponsors
    • Jane Swanson
    • Katie & Travis Sanders
    • Ryan & Stacie Bortel
    • Samrat Maitra & Lena Zakharova
  • Classroom of Desks Sponsors
    • Nick & Tamra Nerland

    • Terrie Allen

    • Morgan Stanely Smith Barney

    • Jill, Robert, Griffin & Siena Prevost

    • Philip Eidsvold & Ty Baucum

    • Molly & Leo Varley

    • Melissa Daughtry


Kisyani School - Est. 2015


5 classrooms, 8 latrines, 3 water tanks, new desks & school supplies

After the quick success of our first two school openings, and the help of Moxie Java fundraisers, Fargo Fundraisers, church donations, Susan Remington & Blaine Balow hosted events, and more, we were able to raise $88,390 to help the amazing families and students in Kisyani Community with our newest school complete with electricity, teacher training and more.

  • Classroom Sponsors:

    • Barb Bunnell

    • Ron Bunnell

    • Brian Bunnell

    • Dan Bunnell

    • Greg Kokesch

  • Latrine Sponsors

    • Fargo Fundraisers

    • Susan Remington & Blaine Balow hosted event

  • Water Tank Sponsors

    • Moxie Java Fundraiser

  • Classroom of Desks Sponsors

    • Longfellow School Fundraisers